Is the injection of insulin pen needle painful?

Insulin needle injection is the first insulin input method used by many newly-joined families because it is easy to use, the child is free to move, the cost is low, and the entry is simple.
When we choose the injection site, there must be doctors and books telling us to avoid the nerve-intensive hair follicles. Then the child's skin is delicate and careless. It will naturally hurt when it touches the nerve-intensive part. Then we use light to illuminate the skin from the side, so that the hair follicle part can be clearly seen, so that the appropriate injection site can be selected to alleviate the child's pain. When entering the needle, it is necessary to quickly insert the needle into the pen and other tools of similar weight, and repeatedly use the needle to puncture the paper box, so as to train the needle into the needle quickly, the needle does not bend. Is a qualified standard. This means that there is no offset in the needle insertion, which avoids the extra damage and pain caused by scraping the skin on the child.
Then apply a needle on various fruits such as cucumber green peppers, and carefully observe whether there is a watermark around the pinholes on the plant. It is the breakdown of plant cells caused by your strength, indicating that your needle is not straight in and out. Trembling traverse. The needle should be fast, the hand should not be traversed, and the medicine should be slow.
For older children, they can be encouraged to take their own shots, which is generally not too painful, because no one will deliberately hurt themselves. For children who are too young, they still need to train their own, and then there is a trick, that is, assist with the other hand, or use a special tool to assist the injection, which will be very stable. In addition, when pulling the needle, you can slowly pull out a small half to see if the skin of the pinhole is licked by the needle. If the adjustment is correct, pull out the needle immediately, which will be smooth. For parents of multiplexed needles with limited economic conditions, although I don't agree with the use of needles, I still have to tell the truth. The surface of the needle is lubricated. If you rub it with alcohol repeatedly, it will be clean. Wipe it off, and then the needle will lick when the needle is next, and the child will hurt. Perhaps it is the cause of my family. In my feelings, the dosage of 0.5 in most cases has a significant effect. Therefore, friends who choose pen injection should choose to be able to inject 0.5 units if necessary. Children's pens, even teenagers, need it. For the choice of the stylus, the thickness of the stylus is still different from the pain. Naturally, the finer the better, but it should be noted that the waiting time after injection is slightly longer when using the fine needle. As the injection experience prolongs, pain is no longer a major problem because of the injection technique and the increased psychological acceptance of the child.
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